Remembering Prof. S.P. Sathe: 14th International Conference on Contemporary Trends in Comparative Public Law

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ILS Law College, Pune, under the aegis of Remembering S.P. Sathe Foundation (set-up by Indian Law Society) and Centre for Public Law is pleased to announce “Remembering S.P. Sathe: International Conference on Contemporary Trends in Comparative Public Law“. The three day conference, which is the fourteenth conference organised in remembrance of Prof. Sathe shall be held from 6th-8th March 2020.

About the Conference and it’s Theme

The Conference attempts to engage legal scholars, law teachers, practitioners and students in a threadbare discussion of niche areas in public law. The Conference challenges the traditional notions of law and the antiquated mono-dimensional structure of public law.

In today’s world, Inclusiveness and participation must inform and reform the traditional notions of the exercise of public power. In an era of liberalization, privatization and globalization the traditional boundaries of public law have been pushed to a vanishing point. The focus is now weaning away from traditional state structure to supra-national institutions. No longer can the normativity of law be evaluated to the exclusion of evolving international regime and standards. The standard reference to state constitutions or law for validation of exercise of public power by the authorities is increasingly under the scanner of supra-national institutions like the WTO etc. More and more the absolute character of state sovereignty is downplayed by conceiving a trans-national legal order.

Contemporary debates in public law have also demonstrated the benefits of assessing the social impact of state institutions on individuals and marginalized groups. Current trends demonstrate a shift away from positivist constitutionalism to global constitutionalism. The focus is now on culture of authority rather than on the authority of culture. Indian Public Law is also undergoing metamorphosis  under the influence of ideas of composite culture constitutional morality, transformative constitutionalism, fundamental constitutional principles.

About the Organisers

The Indian Law Society was established in 1923 as a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Societies Registration Act. It is a not for profit organization established with the sole purpose of imparting legal education. The founder members of the Indian Law Society were the legal luminaries, Sir Narayanrao Chandavarkar, Shri J. R. Nanasaheb
Gharpure, Diwan Bahadur and P. B. Shingane. The Society is a voluntary association of persons, who came together with a pledge to launch courses on law, formal and informal, where law and legal doctrines are taught with social utility, purpose, impact and social relevance.

Indian Law Society established ILS Law College in 1924, with a view of facilitating infrastructure essential for the study of law. ILS Law College is one of the oldest law schools in India and has been playing a pioneering role in legal education and scholarship in the country. Ever since its establishment, the Law College has acquired the reputation of being a premier institution imparting quality legal education. Since its inception, ILS Law College has produced some of the most revered scholars in the field of law. Three Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, Justice P. B. Gajendragadkar, Justice Y. V. Chandrachud, Justice E. S. Venkataramaiah, Former Governor of Maharashtra K. M. Reddy, Former Defence & Finance Minister and First Chief Minister of Maharashtra Y. B. Chavan, Former Minister of Commerce Mohan Dharia, Former Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Vilasrao Deshmukh, all received legal education from ILS Law College.

The Professor S.P. Sathe Foundation was established by Indian Law Society to honor and commemorate the life and scholarly work of Prof. Satyaranjan Purushottam Sathe,  a distinguished legal luminary and a renowned academic in the judicial universe of India who held various positions in Universities and Law Institutes of repute. Professor Sathe had a long association with the Indian Law Society. He was the Principal of ILS Law College from 1976 to 1991 and was the Honorary Secretary of the Indian Law Society until 2002. He was also the Founder Director of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, a sister concern of the Indian Law Society.

Prof. Sathe had also been President of the Maharashtra People’s Union for Civil Liberties, and Vice President of the National PUCL. He was an authority on Constitutional Law, within the country and abroad and contributed extensively to the field of legal education. Books to his credit include ‘Administrative Law’, ‘Judicial Activism in India: Transgressing Borders and Enforcing Limits’, and ‘Right to Know’ and he has authored more than 100 articles published in national and international legal periodicals, magazines and journals.

Every year, Professor S. P. Sathe Foundation, set up by the Indian Law Society, organizes
‘Remembering S.P. Sathe’ event comprising of a Public memorial lecture, a National Moot Court Competition, and a Conference at ILS Law College, Pune on a specific theme with a view to commemorate his contribution to Indian Jurisprudence and Social Action and to encourage academic pursuit of law students.

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We invite you all for this 3 Day International Conference to ILS Law College Pune for seeking best possible clarification upon the evolving and controversial topics under Law from 06.03.2020-08.03.2020.

We also invite one and all from the country and beyond to express their views and opinions on the aforesaid topics and present them during the course of this International Conference:

a. Last Date for Registration with Submission of Abstract: 25.12.2019

b. Notification for Shortlisted Abstracts: 30.12.2019

c. Paper Submission Deadline: 09.02.2020

Last Date of Registration without Abstracts2-3-2020

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Remembering S.P. SATHE: 14th International Conference On Contemporary Trends In Comparative Public Law

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